Atomic TV #10: The “It’s Wonderful To Be a Girl” Episode

We’re told that girls are sugar and spice and every thing nice – but do they feel it’s really wonderful to be a girl? Sure, they get to have babies and (doh!) multiple orgasms, but they also have to stoop to pee and – the big showstopper – they BLEED every month. Is the trade-off worth going with the flow? Our look at Adam’s Spare Rib lets it bleed, featuring excepts from late-bloomer Carrie (killer PMS!), The He-Man Human Woman Haters Club, those menstruation training films you gals saw in elementary school, an up close and (very) personal remembrance of cycles past by a bevy of blood-bloated Baltimore beauties who chat about having “The Talk” with Mom, the Jewish tradition of The Menstrual Slap, enjoying menstrual sex (blood-spitting KISS bassist Gene Simmons was repulsed by it, that pussy!),…plus, see a menstruating Mongoloid miss learn all about the curse from her tell-all Sis…

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