Atomic TV’s 1998 Holiday Special: “The Year Underdog Saved Christmas”

Join Atomic TV co-hosts Tom Warner and Scott Huffines as they once again discover the “true” meaning of Christmas. Atomic TV used to think the holidays were all about eatin’, drinkin’ and grabbin’ some Piece on Earth at the local strip club. But this year, we learned that Christmas is about the sacred and the traditional – all thanks to Underdog Lady (Suzanne Muldowney). Like Santa Claus, Underdog comes down from the North (well, New Jersey) once a year to bring her gifts to Baltimore, where she uses the “medium of dance” to portray her favorite canine cartoon superhero in the Hampden Christmas Parade. But this year, Diva ‘Dog brings another gift – her perfect-pitch soprano voice – to the celebration, singing sacred songs accompanied by the rollicking frollicking of local instro-mentalists Garage Sale! Plus, enjoy the usual secular blasphemy: Jesus promoting his “New Testament” wine cooler, Santa getting his traditional lap-dance from a surgically enhanced stripper, winos spitting in fruitcake, ‘Nam vets in the eerie “Reindeer Hunter” Xmas parade float, Tiny Tom coming out of the closet, vintage retro holiday ads, Xmas film trailers and Lorne Greene’s legendary holiday soliloquoy.

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