Atomic TV’s “Atomic Cocktail Hours”

Resistance is futile, so Atomic TV has decided to jump on the Lounge-a-palooza bandwagon, pledge allegiance to the Cocktail Nation and embrace Swankness in all its fez-hatted, zoot-suited, retro swing silliness… First up is a vintage commercial break paying homage to our legendary local blue-collar brew, Natty Boh. Then we drop by our fave watering hole, Henninger’s Tavern, where owner Kenny Vieth spoils us with food and drink while we we enjoy “incredibly strange space-age bachelor pad exotica” music videos by Combustible Edison, Korla Pandit, Martin Denny, Spike Jones & His City Slickers, a rare Raymond Scott Quintette film appearance, 1940’s “Soundies” music shorts, the hepcat hokum of Baltimore’s own Swingin’ Swamis, Don Knotts as “The Love God,” tributes to patron Saints of Swing Dean Martin and Buddy Love and assorted clips from drinkin’ flicks! Time flies when you’re having rum, so “drink up and be somebody!”
(approx 150 minutes, DVD-R)

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Atomic TV’s “Atomic Cocktail Hour” Part 1

Atomic TV’s “Atomic Cocktail Hour” Part 2

Atomic TV’s “Tribute to Natty Boh”
From the Atomic TV archives comes these classic animated commercials touting Baltimore’s favorite cheap beverage! Keep an eye out for the “Natty Fro” commercial at the end.

“I Love It! The Greatest!”

“Natty Fro”

“Boom! Atomic Cocktail!”

Henninger’s Tavern

Combustible Edison

Baltimore’s own Swingin’ Swamis

Atomic TV’s Scott Huffines and Tom Warner

Don Knotts is “The Love God?”

“The Love God?” movie trailer

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    I am interested in acquiring a dvd of your National Bohemian commercials. Please advise.

    Steven Bass

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