Dead Air exhibition at at the Metro Gallery

Dead Air: The End of Analog
Atomic TV Highlights Reel, 2009

Lost Signals

Wily exhibition pays respects to a possibly vanishing aspects of a mass medium

…”The furtive aesthetic of Davis’ video is matched, in an odd way, by Scott Huffines and erstwhile City Paper contributor Tom Warner, whose public access show Atomic TV gets a retrospective here. Although the public access series ended in 2005, with the bulk of the episodes having been produced in the late 1990s, its inclusion acknowledges that with the loss of broadcast television, other things, such as public access, may go as well. Huffines and Warner acknowledge that many changes in the new millennium, from digital videotape to YouTube to the sour economy, led to the discontinuation of their project. To see it here is to remember what’s possible when you can assume that a viewer will watch something for more than a minute and, more importantly, lives in your hometown.”

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