Atomic TV’s “You Asked For It!” Part 2

You asked for it, low-fi low-brow TV fans, and Atomic TV really gave it to you this time! The first half of this episode features a mish-mash of cult film shorts, music videos and oddball visuals, while the second half pays homage to John Waters and his then-new film Cecil B. Demented (a personal favorite of ATV’s Tom Warner!).

    • See music videos by Talking Heads (“Once in a Lifetime”) and Buzzcocks (“What Do I Get”)
    • See TV commercials for milk and potato chips by Dusty Springfield and The Carpenters
    • See Henninger’s Tavern impressario Kenny Vieth (aka “Lance Charming”) request the banana-eating scene from Hope & Crosby’s final film THE ROAD TO HONG KONG
    • See stomach-wrenching videos of placenta-gushing childbirth, ocular trauma and dirty diapers
    • See “God’s Angry Man” televangelist Dr. Gene Scott and his Toy FCC Monkey Band
    • See Skizz Cyzyk’s short film “Star Spangled Babydoll” (1999)
    • See Firesign Theatre’s serial parody “Sperm Bank Holdup”
    • See Davey & Goliath spoof “Davey & Son of Goliath”
    • See Atomic TV’s exclusive coverage of the 2000 premiere of John Waters’s Cecil B. Demented at “The Historic Senator Theater” plus trailers, clips and interviews with the director, Jackie Nickel (VIP mother of Atomic TV’s Scott “Unpainted” Huffines) and stars Stephen Dorf, Alicia Witt, Patty Hearst and Ricki Lake
    • See tributes to Dreamlanders Bob Adams (who intro a classic “Mr. Ray” hair-weave commercial) and Susan Lowe (star of John Waters’s Desperate Living)
    • See Meatjack enjoy their 4 seconds of Cecil B. Demented soundtrack fame (Brian Danolowski: “I figure we’re due another 14 minutes and 56 seconds of our 15 minutes of fame!”) during a record-signing appearance with John Waters and hip-hop star Karen McMillan (“Demented Forever”) at Sound Garden in Fells Point.

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