Atomic TV #19: The “Atomic TV Cones & Rods Art Party” Episode

Join Atomic TV co-hosts Scott Huffines and Tom Warner as they celebrate ATV’s first season at the Cones & Rods Art Show with a little help from their friends: Cones & Rods organizers Todd Lesser (Monozine) & Logan Hicks (Workhorse Visuals and Workhorse Gallery,) surprise celebrity guests Harrison Ford and Jerry Springer (no, not really!), Mychelle the “Comic Relief” Pee-Girl and The Grand Googinol (who looks a lot like Jerry Lewis with a Burger King crown)…plus you’ll see thought-provoking art by local and national artistes…rhythm-provoking music by our fave local troubadoors Garage Sale, The Put-Outs and The Rock Stars…The Only Person in Baltimore (The City That Breeds) Having Safe Sex…plus you’ll witness witless Baltimorons performing Stupid Human Tricks…titter nervously seeing yourself on the Atomic TV Spy-Cam…yawn at the lackluster hipster-slacker response to the Atomic Books gala Prize Giveway…and marvel at your co-hosts ability to mangle the English language (obviously their second tongue, after gutteral grunts).

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More about Cones and Rods:

U.S. Maple, Live November 20th 1997, U.S. Maple, Live November 20th 1997 at Cones and Rods, posted by jamethehut, YouTube.

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