Atomic TV #27: The “Spring Cleaning” Episode Part 2

Once again we’ve raided our video archives to unload our self-indulgent folly on an unsuspecting audience in order to test how just how much torture (mascarading as entertainment) they can endure. This installment includes Belly Dancing in Essex to Elvis Impersonators, another look at Baltimore plumber Chris Jensen’s well-soiled Underwear Dance, Lance Ozanix the Barf Boy, home-grown mutation Grape Ape at the Cross Street Festival, The Bride-in-a-Box Bag Lady, Rappiní Christian Pirate Puppets, plus trailers for coming attractions, more Japanese Pizzicato Five music videos, music, song, dance and jest. Plus nudie camera club hijinx with and

Grape Ape Redux: Atomic TV’s second encounter with Baltimore’s home-grown mutation Grape Ape at the Cross Street Festival.

Atomic TV Encounters Elvis Impersonators at Essex Day

Another look at Baltimore plumber Chris Jensen’s well-soiled Underwear Dance

Atomic TV visits Jen and Dave: Atomic TV visited Internet porn pioneers Jen and Dave in 1999 when they hosted a camera club party at their apartment in Timonium. Noticeably absent is Tom Warner’s toe-sucking escapade.

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