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Atomic TV’s 1998 Holiday Special: “The Year Underdog Saved Christmas”

 Join Atomic TV co-hosts Tom Warner and Scott Huffines as they once again discover the “true” meaning of Christmas. Atomic TV used to think the holidays were all about eatin’, drinkin’ and grabbin’ some Piece on Earth at the … Continue reading

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Atomic TV’s 1997 Holiday Special: The “Holiday at Ground Zero” Episode

 We put the X in Xmas when a politically incorrect Santa Claus comes to Atomic Books to teach Atomic TV’s elfin Tiny Tom and Scott “Scrooge” Huffines the true meaning of Christmas: pure and unadulterated sleaze. When he’s not … Continue reading

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Atomic TV’s “Atomic Cocktail Hours”

Resistance is futile, so Atomic TV has decided to jump on the Lounge-a-palooza bandwagon, pledge allegiance to the Cocktail Nation and embrace Swankness in all its fez-hatted, zoot-suited, retro swing silliness… First up is a vintage commercial break paying homage … Continue reading

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Atomic TV’s Tribute to Black History

Once you go Black, you never go back! Case in point, Atomic TV went black on Baltimore’s public access airwaves shortly after broadcasting our legendary “Black History Month” tribute – one of our most popular episodes ever! – in February … Continue reading

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Atomic TV #27: The “Spring Cleaning” Episode Part 2

Once again we’ve raided our video archives to unload our self-indulgent folly on an unsuspecting audience in order to test how just how much torture (mascarading as entertainment) they can endure. This installment includes Belly Dancing in Essex to Elvis … Continue reading

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