Atomic TV’s 1999 Holiday Special: “Underdog Battles Satan Claus”

Atomic TV’s 1999 Holiday Special: “Underdog Battles Satan Claus”
Will this be the last Christmas of the Millennium… or the last Christmas EVER? Join Atomic TV co-hosts Tom Warner and Scott Huffines to find out, as they once again risk nervous breakdowns escorting Underdog (visionary artist Suzanne Muldowney) to the annual Mayor’s Holiday Parade in Hampden, MD. Things get off to a shaky start when Underdog’s train is delayed by 40 minutes (nixing plans for a lunch stop at Roy Rogers for her beloved roast beef sandwiches), leading to a high-speed car chase sequence that eclipses THE FRENCH CONNECTION and BULLITT for hair-raising thrills!

Making it to the parade in the nick of time, Underdog shines in her 11th consecutive holiday march, only to confront her greatest challenge yet… SATAN CLAUS, a Y2K-obssessed messenger of doom who taunts Underdog and terrifies parade goers with his prediction that the world will end New Year’s Eve when Dick Clark drops the ball in Times Square. Will this be the last Hampden Parade for Underdog? Or will she defeat the powers of darkness in time to enjoy a tasty roast beef sandwich? Watch and find out in our wildest Christmas Special ever! Plus enjoy wacky parade floats like the ‘Reindeer Hunter’ tribute to ‘Nam POW’s and the Shriner’s ‘Crippled Children’ float!


“Underdog Battles Satan Claus: The Confrontation”

“Let me see that Tootsie Roll!”
“Underdog Lady” (from the Howard Stern Show) takes a brief respite from her battle with Satan Claus so that she can stock up the secret compartment in her cape with treats tossed to the ground by the Tootsie Roll Trolley.

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3 Responses to Atomic TV’s 1999 Holiday Special: “Underdog Battles Satan Claus”

  1. Me says:

    How bizarre was that!

  2. kelli says:

    I hope you realize that the Underdog Lady aka Suzanne Muldowney was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. It’s sick to heckle her and put her through the mental torture. I would like to think that if Chris Burke were to walk in a parade that everyone wouldn’t be heckling him because of his mental disability, so why was it done to Suzanne? It’s because of idiots like you that she doesn’t participate in parades anymore. Why did everyone have to pick on this woman? I LOVED seeing her in parades as a kid. I looked forward to her marching down the street and now we’ve all lost the privileges of seeing her because of the constant heckling and mind games she had played with her. If you get a chance I suggest seeing My Life as an Underdog. It’s a documentary on her life. I’m certain it will give you a change of mind, unless you have a black heart.

  3. Mark says:

    This is just incredible. I heard about Suzanne back around the time this was filmed and knew nothing about her. Since then, I’ve read about her and watched videos on YouTube. She makes her costumes which are beautiful. She good at interpretive dance. She has a beautiful singing voice and even sings in latin. I read that she is a college graduate and I am convinced as she is quite intelligent. I also read about her having Asperger. Nobody chooses to have a medical disability and I am certain that if it were not for the setbacks of her condition, she would have gone far in a career as an entertainer. As a young woman she was quite attractive. I wish her the best as I believe that she is pure at heart and a sincere human being.

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