Is Atomic TV still on Baltimore City Cable?

Yes… but since we aren’t a communist, socialist or religious program we have had difficulties procuring a time slot. (For a listing of the commie, socialist or religious programming, check Baltimore Grass Roots Media‘s site.) So far, we’ve been following Bing Crosby’s “Holiday Inn” schedule, only putting on holiday shows. The Halloween episode aired in October, our Thanksgiving episode aired in November (are you starting to see a pattern here?) and our Black History Month episode should air this Wednesday or Thursday sometime after 10 p.m., unless The Powers That Be decide to censor it again, like they did last year. All we did was highlight lesser known areas of Af-Am achievement, such as the choreography in rap booty videos and the contributions made by black porn stars to the adult film industry (see interviews with Menage a Trois, Ghetto Booty star Chaos, Sierra, Nikki Fairchild, Brian Pumper, and Jack Napier), plus tributes to Blowfly and Blaxploitation stars like Rudy Ray Moore (Dolemite) and William Marshall (Blacula).

Remember, City Cable now broadcasts Public Access programming on Channel 75.

–Tom Warner

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