Michael Nesmith – Cruisin’

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Another classic music video from the pre-MTV era, I guess I first saw this video on Don Kirschner or some other late-night music show. I love how in the olden days the plot of a music video actually followed the song’s lyrics. Plus how can you beat a line like “Trying to make connections with their blemish-free complexions”?

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5 Responses to Michael Nesmith – Cruisin’

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Best Music Video. Ever.

  2. Triskadelphia says:

    Yeah. A great video and a terrific song.
    “…selling watches from aaaaah teevee tray.”

  3. drcpr says:

    “Elephant Parts” Michael Nesmeth from the Monkeys
    one of the best videos ever
    lines from have become family traditions here
    “The wind is in the buffalo.” she whispered

  4. ham says:

    (=o _ o=)/

  5. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone notice that “Sunset Sam” is a very young Hulk Hogan?

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