Classic National Premium Beer Commercials

Visit the new fan site for National Premium Beer and share your stories and images! They have some great old ads and history on about this “upscale” adult beverage.

Here’s some National Premium commercials from Atomic TV’s “Atomic Cocktail Hours.” Note: National Premium was always regarded as the fancy man’s beer when compared to National Bohemian..

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  1. Sarah Quackenbush says:

    Hi Tom
    I’m with the American Advertising Federation Baltimore, and I could use your help. We are planning the 2011 Addy Awards (Baltimore’s local advertising competition). this years show will have a “MadMen” theme, and so we are looking to incorporate advertisements from Baltimore based companies circa 1960-1970.
    Since you have all of of these great old beer spots, I’m wondering if you would let me know how I could get my hands on some of them.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Sarah Quackenbush.

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