“Underdog Battles Satan Claus” – The Confrontation

Underdog Battles Satan Claus: The Confrontation

“…Making it to the parade in the nick of time, Underdog shines in her 11th consecutive holiday march, only to confront her greatest challenge yet… SATAN CLAUS, a Y2K-obssessed messenger of doom who taunts Underdog and terrifies parade goers with his prediction that the world will end New Year’s Eve when Dick Clark drops the ball in Times Square. Will this be the last Hampden Parade for Underdog? Or will she defeat the powers of darkness in time to enjoy a tasty roast beef sandwich?”



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2 Responses to “Underdog Battles Satan Claus” – The Confrontation

  1. coroners says:

    Is there anyway possible to get a hold on the episodes for download? Wanna add this madness to my mixtape collection for easy viewing. PEACE. The Atomic TV Cocktail is the only one I got at home as of now but the rest of em would be more then appreciated.

  2. Scott Huffines says:

    You can download it here: https://vimeo.com/9650689 or buy a dvd here: http://www.atomicbooks.com/index.php/atomic-tv-underdog-battles-satan-claus-dvd.html

    We’re glad you liked it!

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