Atomic TV – The “Just Another Episode” Episode

Atomic TV – The “Just Another Episode” Episode at

Another mish-mash mash-up of Atomic TV’s patented videoid-sleazoid stew, this installment opens with the sound of music – the trailer for sexploitation movie mogul Harry Novak’s “Mondo Mod” (1967), glam rockers T. Rex performing “Bang a Gong (Get It On),” and go-go dancers showcasing the latest moves in the film short “La Danse a-GoGo” (1964). Then it’s on to vintage Charm City-centric TV commercials (National Bohemian, American & Gunther beer, Mr. Ray’s Hairweave, Jesse White pitching weiners in a Stan Freberg-directed spot for Esskay Quality Franks), “Coming Attractions” trailers for blaxploitation classics Foxy Brown (Pam Grier), Dolemite (Rudy Ray Moore), My Baby Is Black!, and Wattstax (The Black Woodstock music festival featuring Isaac Hayes and comedy bits by Richard Pryor and future “Love Boat” bartender “Isaac Washington,” Ted Lange), the televangelist Robert Tilton spoof “Pastor Gas,” John Heyn (of Heavy Metal Parking Lot fame)’s homage to film countdown reel girls, “Girls On Film,” and Nancy Sinatra singing the swinging theme song to the otherwise forgettable 1966 Marty Allen & Steve Rossi spy movie spoof The Last of the Secret Agents.

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