Atomic TV #9: The “Atomic TV Leftovers” Episode

It’s spring cleaning time at ATV! These video odds and ends have been gathering dust in our archives for so long, they’re starting to irritate us like a pair of soiled diapers, so we decided to unload our shit on an unsuspecting public. If you missed our TURNING JAPANESE episode, you can still catch some yellow fever when Big Dave Cawley (King of Men) interviews Shonen Knife… then muse over Mr. T.’s inarticulate ontological imperatives in “Be Somebody”… drool over Porn starlet Ravyness as she sells sex toys at the East Coast Video Show… then join clean-livin’ Stella Gambino as she salutes Our Friend the Condom on Atomic TV’s LET’S BE SAFE sex segment (and shows you some nasty VD cooties films)… journey to the heart of darkness with black-hearted cartoonist Ivan Brunetti (SCHIZO)…and hear Josh Alan Friedman plead to let his people go as he sings the title song from his new album, “Blacks & Jews”…

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