Atomic TV #17: The “Baltimore Local Music” Episode

Atomic TV presents a sampling of Baltimore troubadours past and present, captured live and in canned videos. Get your groove on with Garage Sale, Sick, Blister Freak Circus, Dirty Sanchez, Berserk, Gerty, The Put-Outs, The Beltways, The Kicksouls, Mark Harp plus DC’s prodigal son Tommy Keene and Maypole’s infamous appearance on The Jerry Springer Show!

Atomic TV – Maypole on Jerry Springer from Atomic TV on Vimeo.

Read more about Maypole at Tom Warner’s Accelerated Decrepitude.

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Berserk – My Love Is So Big from Atomic TV #3 on Vimeo.

Berserk – Ultra 7 from Atomic TV on Vimeo.

A lo-fi music video of perhaps the best song by Baltimore’s reigning ’90s hi-fly purveyors of pop-punk, Berserk. Berserk bassist Dave Cawley believes his life would be different if only he could be alien superhero “Ultra 7” – like, he’d have a mighty ‘morphin girlfriend, fight monsters, and be able to buy his vegan friend Brent “a burrito without any meato.” Berserk is: Brent Malkus (guitar, vocals), David Cawley (bass, vocals) and Skizz Cyzyk (drums).

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