Berserk – “(If I Was) Ultra 7”

From VH1’s BEHIND THE MUSIC: “Camera-shy Dave Cawley had to be coaxed with Pixie Stix and Jolt Cola to step in front of Tom Warner’s unblinking video lens and bare his artistic soul, but the resulting music video for this Berserk toe-tapper was well worth it. Shot in front of Towson University’s Fine Arts Zen Garden and a local 7-11, and intersperced with Ultraman TV clips and live footage from Berserk’s 1998 Ottobar Reunion show, it was Warner’s attempt to put his favorite Berserk song on ATOMIC TV. ‘I just hope Skizz forgives me for not having any shots of him in there,’ Warner apologized, ‘But I didn’t get close enough at the Ottobar show to get him in frame.'” To view more Berserk clips, including drummer Skizz Czyzk‘s awesome “My Love Is So Big” video, check out the video ATOMIC TV #9, “The Berserk Reunion” episode, available through Atomic Books and Video Americain.

–Tom Warner
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