Atomic TV Fans Are The Greatest

Eebmore: “All your claims will blow up in your face. Begone!”

“Finally. Sheesh. I’ve been waiting literally years for Tom Warner and/or Scott Huffines to get around to digitizing and uploading clips from Atomic TV. Apparently, the original tapes are being digitized and converted to DVD, with a Christmas
special to be released on December 9th. I’m assuming the DVD will be sold at Atomic Books (in store and online order?), although I really don’t know.”

“Unpainted Huffines” weighs in: “Oh Lord, does it hurt! We are S-L-O-W-L-Y struggling to get a dvd together for the holiday season… we’re stuck on a few things but we are trying to get this freakin’ dvd together for the few fans that we do have. Actually we have more fans than we realized. Last weekend I made a rare venture downtown and was queried by fans at Holy Frijoles, Club Charles, the Ottobar and the Rendezvous. “Are you still on public access?” (That should be our new slogan.) Fans do seem to be watching — as of today we have over 100 subscribers to our vodcast, and there’sbeen over 1000 downloads. Not bad!”

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2 Responses to Atomic TV Fans Are The Greatest

  1. eebmore says:

    I thought it would make a good holiday banner. Are you commiting to december 9th?

  2. Atomic Tivo says:

    It is looking like next weekend, there are some issues we are having that I could just avoid but I am being anal…

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