National Bohemian "Lord Baltimore" Commercial

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What’s Happening magazine has been nice enough to mention Atomic TV and our Natty Boh commercials so we bumped this video back to the top. — Scott

“National Beer, National Beer, you’ll like the taste of National beer.” Sing along to the jingles associated with old Natty Boh, now brewed by the folks at Pabst. Most people associate it with the one-eyed Mr. Boh, but there was a whole cast of characters in the Land of Pleasant Living. Don’t forget: “There’s Chincoteague oysters and crabs and clams, and fried chicken and Virginia hams, and while we’re singing, we’re proud to say, it’s brewed on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay.”

–Tom Warner

Atomic TV presents the first of a series of National Bohemian ads you can look forward to viewing over the next few months. This clip features “Lord Baltimore” extolling the virtues of National Beer.

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