Natty Boh "Draw Me A Beer" Commercial

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Another classic National Bohemian ad from the Atomic TV archives. Question: Who voices the characters and what other cartoon characters did he voice?

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4 Responses to Natty Boh "Draw Me A Beer" Commercial

  1. Chris Sobieniak says:

    Since knowbody has responded to this question, I like to add my two cents and say it was Daws Butler, a Toledo native who has went on to voice some of TV’s most popular characters, including Yogi Bear, Cap’n Crunch and others (especially Hanna-Barbera types). Some of his early work in TV involved doing the voices and puppet work on Bob Clampett’s “Time For Beany” series, he had also done incidental voices in cartoons for Warner Bros. as well as Jay Ward Productions, UPA and Walter Lantz.

    Funny I felt so late coming to this place, yet I answered this before anyone else!

  2. Speak says:

    It sounds like either him or possibly Bill Scott of Bullwinkle fame.

  3. platypotamus says:

    yep… I have to put my 2c in for Daws Butler as well. these Boh spots are a great find, btw. have to get myself over to Atomic sometime soon.

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