1997 Mayor’s Annual Christmas Parade

Bang! That’s Wild! — Underdog finds loud noises startling — don’t you?

Parade Highlights — Shriners ride miniature vehicles, the crippled children’s float, and the most surreal float of all: The Vietnam Vet “Reindeer Hunter” float.

It’s that time again… time for the Mayor’s Annual Christmas Parade in Hampden and once again the true reason for the holiday season is to see Suzanne Muldowney, the dancer/choreographer who has appeared in the parade as the cartoon character Underdog since the early 80s.

Stella Gambino and Underdog compare notes on WaWa’s “Underdog” hot dog.

Suzanne Muldowney’s appearances as Underdog have become a parade tradition, no doubt boosted by her frequent appearances on Atomic TV‘s annual holiday specials, not to mention her numerous appearances on Howard Stern’s TV and radio show.

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  1. A little belated Xmas cheer…

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