Garage Sale Holiday Performance at Atomic Books, 1997

Raucous rock caroling in the den of Literary Finds for Mutated Minds! Garage Sale performed at Atomic Books as part of Atomic TV’s 1997 Holiday Special: The “Holiday at Ground Zero” Episode. The festivities took place at Atomic Books’ old North Charles Street digs (directly across from The Belvedere Hotel), the ones they shared with fetish fashion store Object (City Paper’s 1999 “Best Drive-By Erotica” award winner, not to mention “Best Place To Buy a Corset and Tiara”). Object owner Ron Clouse collaborated with Atomic Books and Atomic TV on a number of events, including the infamous “Fetish Night” at Club Orpheus.

Ron Clouse knows who's been naughty

But we digress…Below, watch Garage Sale deck Atomic Books’s halls with rockin’ renditions of “Jingle Bells” and “Silent Night” (the secular version – not to be confused with the pious “Silent Night” version they performed with Suzanne “Underdog” Muldowney at the Mayor’s Christmas Parade in Hampden) while a festive Santa nips Winter in the Buds with the assistance of his hot little helper Alice.

As the following pix attest, this was Garage Sale 1.0, back in the days when Pat Core was strumming guitar alongside guitarist Dave McDonough, bassist Big Dave Cawley (King of Mensch), and drummer Skizz Cyzyk. (Jennifers guitarist John Irvine replaced Pat when the blond-haired wild man traded his Santa cap for a lei and moved to Hawaii.)

The Two Daves count it off...

Pat Core is dreaming of a Hawaiian Christmas

Skizz struggles to keep his wild demeanor in check

Dave Cawley explodes when he learns he's playing under mistletoe mixed with cilantro

Santa's suds are strictly Bud

John Davids McDonough and Cawley rock out

An already hyper Dave Cawley shifts into hyperdrive!

"Peace out, Santa Claus!"

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