Atomic TV #2: The “Jim Rose Sideshow Circus” Episode

We interviewed Jim Rose (Lollapalooza, X-Files) and filmed highlights from his latest traveling sideshow of freaks (Mexican Tranvestite Wrestlers, Sumo Wrasslin’ She-Babes, The Human Enigma, Mr. Lifto, The Armenian Rubber Band Man) when they played Sowebo’s Lithuanian Hall in Spring of ’97… See 60’s strippers shaking their shag-a-delic money-makers!… Dance The Twist with Fat French Frogs!… See Pouty Brit Beatniks sulk to John Barry jazz riffs while Oliver Reed does his Method-Spazz Dance!… See The Archies cover the Sex Pistols’ “God Save the Queen”!… Coming Attractions for Lezzie Lick Flicks!… Skizz Czyzk’s classic animated short My Little Pickle Love Song… And more! (You need more?)

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