Atomic TV #5: The “Freaks!” Episode

Be shocked and amazed by our tribute to human curi-oddities on and off the Midway… witness Stupid Human Tricks by local weirdos like Nostrildomus the Human Slot Machine who stuffs 10 quarters up his nose and (cringe!) see the sparks fly when Penile Knievel shoots firecrackers out of his urethra on a drunken cook-out dare…Look back on vintage Ripley’s Believe It or Not trailers… drop your jaw in astonishment watching Todd Browning’s cult classic Freaks… see Baltimore’s own halfboy Johnny Eck… Hear siamese-twin singing sensations the Hilton Sisters… Animal Freaks… See an Armless trombone player… Legless dancer Peg-Leg Bates… Handicapped Cowboys… Midget Cowboys… Sift through the treasure trove of oddness collected by Baltimore sideshow expert James Taylor (publisher of the Shocked and Amazed peri-odd-ical)…

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