Atomic TV #20: The “Artscape” Episode

Join Atomic TV at Artscape ’98 and witness Scott Huffines’ spiritual rebirth (and cohort Tom Warner’s spiritual breech rebirth) inside “Sweetie” (a gigantic, giggling Mrs. Butterworth edifice), meet globetrotting mannequin Bud, TV art cars, body painting, artchicks, kung-fu nuns, hear free-love bohemians discuss masturbation and testicle grooming, hear porn starlet Shayla LaVeux discuss anal love beads, plus listen to music by The Prodigy (their banned “Smack My Bitch Up” video!), French ambient rockers Air (“Sexy Boy”), Jesus & Mary Chain (“Rock & Roll”), 60’s French ye-ye girl Francois Hardy (“Tous les Garcons & Les Filles”) and a marionette medley by Cliff Richards & The Shadows from THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO!

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