Atomic TV #25: The “Hopkins 1999 Filmfest Faves” Episode

The 1999 Johns Hopkins Film Festival screened some of the most innovative, surprising and controversial films from the indie festival circuit. But our faves were the lesser-known films of local yockels like D.C.ís Alvin Ecarma and Hopkins film student Todd Rohal. Besides being artists, theyíre fun guys, and their films were among the most popular, laugh-inducing entries at the festival. Atomic TV presents their complete works interspersed with interviews, plus see Alvin shoot guns, laugh at Conan OíBrien and do splits like a woman. Then watch Todd Rohal reduce the history of Film Noir into a 16-minute homage called “Single Spaced,” show hip-hop frat boys dancing in their underwear and tormenting mega-nerd “Knuckleface Jones,” and take viewers on a David Lynch creepout in “Slug 660.” Meanwhile, Alvin Ecarma waxes poetic over his mutt’s declining health in “My Dog Has a Cyst,” recites verbatim the trailer from the 70’s exploitation classic “Ghetto Freaks” in “Me!,”fights crime as comic superhero The Badger in “A Conversation,”blows smoke at the tobacco industry in “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby (A
Long Way To Die!)”, parodies homophobia in “G.I. Joe” and vexes the Vatican with “Sister Mary Blow Job.”

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