Atomic TV’s “1999 Maryland Film Festival” Episode

This 2-hour retrospective mixes trailers and highlight clips from last year’s film program with interviews of the stars and directors who were on hand for the inaugural 1999 Maryland Film Festival–including Jill Hennessy (formerly of TV’s LAW & ORDER), exploitation diva Doris Wishman (director of the Chesty Morgan films “Double Agent 73” and “Deadly Weapons”), festival director Jed Dietz, and local auteurs made good like Mark Pellington (Arlington Road), former stand-up comic Dan Rosen (The Curve), Steve Yeager (Divine Trash) and Barry Levinson (who presented his documentary work-in-progress, Diner Guys). Also featured are highlights from the various “film shorts” programs, including two media collages from Baltimore’s Martha Colburn, Hopkins film student Todd Rohal’s “Knuckleface Jones,” and producer Suzanne McDonnell’s “Every Night and Twice on Sundays,” a mockumentary about the star of the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” infommercial. As an added treat for Baltimore natives, MPT’s Rhea Feiken has her past as a local news weatherwoman exposed and ATOMIC TV unearths Ms. Rhea’s starring turn in a sexual harassment training film from the ’70s!

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