Atomic TV #24: The “Atomic TV ‘s 200th Episode” Episode

Celebrate ATV’s first Millennium on the air during this fun-filled hour of highlights, broadcast live from Baltimore’s historic Senator Theater and Hard Rock Cafe… see zealous teeming minions (including Big Name Celebrities!) turn out to pay homage to our marvelousness, witness the unveiling of our coveted Cameo Award for Broadcast Excellence and stomach the groveling of would-be groupies… oh yeah, plus something for you, the viewers! Yes, our stock-in-trade, the gratuitous sex, violence and lowbrow humor that’s made us famous: the short films “High Tech Noon” and “The Legend of Forrest Tucker”, Jeff Krulik’s “Worst of Public Access TV” overview, sadistic Japanese T&A gameshows, music videos by Puffy and La Tour (“People Are Still having Sex”), lesbian French-kissing, and more–so much more!

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