Atomic TV – The “Pizzicato Five” Episode Part 2

Pizzicato Five – “Sweet Soul Revue” — This was my first glimpse of my fave J-Pop band Pizzicato Five and the images of Miss Maki Nomiya shaking those maracas and evoking the style and charm of Audrey Hepburn in the roof concert scene while P5 mastermind-maestro Yasuharu Konishi boogies away on his Hofner bass and original guitarist Keitaro Takanami strums his Fender guitar have become iconic for me…This was my first transmission from a band that never made a bad or uninteresting video and it always stuck with me. I read that this song was a big hit in the Philippines and that it was used on Japan’s Ranma 1/2 syndicated TV show. A real treat! –Tom Warner

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