Atomic TV #6: The “Appropriated Image is Everything” Episode

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but out and out thievery (we prefer to call it image liberation) is even better! Yes, Appropriated Image is Everything because the Medium is the Massage and there’s the (well-lubricated) rub in our homage to Copyright Infringement and the democratic principle of Fair Use (Use It Or Lose It!)… See media hackers Emergency Broadcast Network (of U2’s Zoo TV fame) test the limits of the mind’s capacity to process audio-visual stimuli… hear Mariah Carey’s funky duet with Harrison Ford… see the Barbie Liberation Organization perform gender change operations on Barbies and G. I. Joes… hear the Reagans speak out (of context) on drugs… see Skizz Cyzyk’s award-winning animated tribute to dairy products and personal hygiene, “Cheeze Tweezer”… hear Bono’s message to American Youth… see Bush-whackings… hear local yokels Gerty rock the house with their snazzy “Boston Smells Like Ginger” music vid… see Todd Graham flip the bird to A.A. Milne, Disney and Coppola in “Apocalypse Pooh”… hear Pizzacato Five appropriate Sly and the Family Stone’s beats in ‘Sweet Soul Revue’… see the messy sexual undertones of the innocent kids game Pie-Face… hear Weird Al Yankovic “Dare To Be Stupid”… and see Maxwell Smart and 99 get smart to the sounds of Sir Laurence Storch’s evil rock ensemble The Sacred Cows, who prove that nothing’s sacred.

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