Atomic TV #8: The “Dating Do’s & Don’ts” Episode

Attention all you wood-be Svengali’s and estrus-oozing Mati Hari’s. We collected the best pickup lines overheard at the Cross Street Meet Market during the ’97 Cross Street Festival and tempered them with the timeless advice of vintage 50s how-to mating and dating films like Dating Do’s and Don’ts, Junior Prom and Going Steady all as a public cervix to Baltimore singles. We even got the Martha Stewart of Dating Etiquette, legendary local bachelorette Chastity Darling (You’ve no doubt witnessed her shameless flirting at her habitual weekend roost ,The Club Charles), to host our special. From “Do you have mirrors in your pockets, ’cause I can see myself in your pants?” to “Didn’t we meet before, at the methadone clinic?” we’ve got the best and worst pickup lines for you to gag on or put to use (or abuse).

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