Atomic TV #26: The “Spring Cleaning” Episode Part 1

We’ve decided to clean out our vast (and overflowing!) backlog of taped segments and foist them on unsuspecting Baltimore audiences. And what better way to start Spring Cleaning than with one’s own body? Yes, ATOMIC TV proudly presents the educational short “It’s Potty Time,” which features such musical hits as “I’m a Super Duper Pooper” and “Wipe, Wipe, Wipe Yourself, Always Front to Back.” Next up, our terrified cameras descend on the Black Trenchcoat Crowd during “Bound: S&M Fetish Night” at the goth mecca Club Orpheus. The we smoothly seque from freaks to geeks, as we cover last year’s revenge of the nerds at the Senator Theater premiere of THE PHANTOM MENACE and Underdog Lady’s appearance at the Balticon Sci-Fi convention. Along the way we also pay homage to B.O. commercials and old Natty Boh ads and show two Pizzicato Five videos from the hip Tokyo combo’s latest international release, PLAYBOY & PLAYGIRL. Plus a special remix of our popular “Underwear Dance”.

It’s Potty Time! clip

Chris Jensen Underwear Dance Redux
Another look at Baltimore plumber Chris Jensen’s well-soiled Underwear Dance.

Atomic TV visits “Fetish Night” at Club Orpheus

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